360/AR/VR Video Production

Why 360/AR/VR?

2020 may become known as the year when everything changed, including new ways of interacting with the world. COVID-19 is having a lasting impact on people’s behaviour and business. 360 Virtual Tours, for example, provides a user-friendly method of exploring your location, whether that is a heritage site, a hotel, restaurant, theme park, university campus or retail outlet.

AR stands for Augmented reality, either as motion graphics combined with video or as apps using live video. It really impresses your audience and grabs their attention immediately.

VR stands for Virtual Reality, utilising the latest VR headsets and technology, it is the future of media and can be utilised for a variety of different purposes from education and training to gaming.

Add interactive features to your videos

Pop up graphics, clickable animations, spatialised audio can all be added to enhance your client’s ability to not just watch and walk around but interact as if they were there.

Overlay graphics can, for example, allow you to update displays to be able to do adjustments in future to keep new up to date content as you develop, very cost effectively.

Another example may be making a gallery where the paintings can be overlaid, the audio on clicking can be updated, external links can be added and symbols that allow inclusive access with visual references.

The options available to create true immersion are really endless, and really are just about asking yourself, what would you like to be able to do. If you’d like to explore or talk about ideas, we’re very happy to support you.

Virtual Tours

AR Motion Graphics

Bespoke VR projects

Live stream 4K 360 available

Now the access to VR is becoming easier and easier by the year, with not only mobile hardware headsets, but the Oculus in new developments, HTC and Valve all running to the forefront, with 8K headsets in growing production and availability.

Huge advances in virtual interactive meeting spaces are being made and start-ups such as Spatial and several others now developing widely available platforms.

360 live streaming can offer immersive event experiences to your clients from all around the world from the comfort of their homes and work-spaces.

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“Grand Tour Media worked on the Virtual Air Tattoo project for me and led a team of videographers and editors. They absolutely smashed it out of the park, helping me to deliver on my sections with relative ease considering the enormous scale and complexity of the project. Absolute ace job.”

Ken Pike, Media Projects Officer, RAF

“GTM delivered a video of a live concert by Martin Daly and Jo Baldwin to Soul Sessions Brum for our Virtual Sessions, and I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the sound and audio. Bravo! Highly recommended!”

Zen Finn, Soul Sessions Brum

“Fantastic service, timely and really great quality. A pleasure to work with and we have had lots of positive responses about the video and sound quality of our recorded online gig thanks to them!! Will definitely use Grand Tour Media again!”

Jo Baldwin, The Jo Baldwin Project

“Jon has done some work for myself and I also know many others he has worked with and he always produced great quality media. He really takes the time to understand what you as the customer wants and delivers just that.”

Steve Woods, Play Better Golf Ltd

“Thank you so much to Jon at Grand Tour Media who produced a wonderful promo video of our business Bert & Gert’s Ltd. An absolute pleasure to work with and highly recommend their services.”

Mark Wilkes, Bert & Gert's

“Grand Tour Media did a fantastic job with the Mid Autumn celebrations for Birmingham this year which their team filmed and broadcasted on Facebook Live… They were able to manage the whole project effectively despite the relative short notice they were given and were able to turn a concept into a high quality finished product”

William Wong, Director of Chung Ying Restaurant Group

“Grand Tour Media did an incredible job with the filming and production of our wedding video – thoroughly nice guys and very generous with their time – we would not have such an amazing memory of our day without them!”

Ben Carless, Senior Design Engineer, Dyson

“Aside from being highly knowledgeable and technically skilled, they are a great bunch to work with. All projects well planned and executed, I would say if anyone was interested in professionals to develop a high standard of content for your marketing needs then you should look no further.”

Shei Ahmed, Director, Lightsource CC

Connected to BNI

Currently we’re proud to hold the Video Chair for the Birmingham St Paul’s chapter and support and work with this fine network of businesses to help connect and support our clients.