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Many small companies that use Facebook for their marketing don’t realise that there’s actually 2  Facebook access points.


GTM article – 6 What business Facebook is good for – technical

Many small companies that use Facebook for their marketing don’t realise that there’s actually Facebook.


  • Targeting

Facebook as a platform has one of the most accurate targeting systems on western media which means you can play endlessly with new audiences to have an endless scope of potential people who will enjoy your content and find value in it.

  • Price on return on views

Functional campaigns can go down to an astounding 1p per video watch or even lower depending on your ability to enact a system which is incredibly low for starting to engage an audience to your companies which will be a potential customer pool for you.

  • Saving audiences

There are several types of audiences you can make to engage with, whether it be custom, saved or even lookalike audiences

  • Building reengagement

As you build your assets out to your audience, you can constantly grow the audiences you have of people who have engaged already with your content, which means you can start to build warmer, retargetable audiences with more knowledge of what you do rather than continually offering it out to essentially blind audiences on some other platforms.

  • Integrations

The majority of online apps integrate easily with facebook now, on or off the platform so it’s much to make large coordinated integrated systems for your business.

  • Huge quantity of people

With 2.45 billion people on Facebook roughly at the time of this video, its an incredibly powerful tool for building your business.

– Knowing your assets

With the right length, content, functionality and strategy with videos you can create very valuable assets for your company which will last for a long time and keep their future value to use again in different contexts or in rerunning previous campaigns.

And Facebook is a great place to create a sequence for them that can be scaled.

Adding the context and strategy to the videos is what we call creative assets – videos designed to gain the highest response, leading to the cheapest advertising and highest return for you as a business – whatever stage you are in your strategy.

Hope you enjoyed this video and see you next time.

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